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It makes complete sense. When the forest industry group revamped their head office in Stockholm, they wanted paper art. To make it happen, they reached out to the most prominent artist they knew of: Jeff Nishinaka.

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The paper sculptor Jeff Nishinaka, with Los Angeles as his base and the whole world as his workplace, was asked by the Holmen Group to decorate its newly renovated head office with three works. He began to assemble and put up the works in the first half of June. Jeff Nishinaka has been working as a paper artist for over 35 years. At first it was tough for him to earn a living from sculpting paper. But over time the commissions became larger, the income more secure and his fan base ever bigger. Today he can look back at commissions for Cartier, Credit Suisse, the Museum of Modern Art and the Holmen Group.

“In most cases my clients have a fairly clear general idea of what they want,” he says. “After that’s been settled, they give me the freedom to do it my way.”

The largest work Jeff has produced for the Holmen Group measures 3 x 2 metres. The base material is Invercote Duo from Iggesund Paperboard. He cut out the various components in his studio in Los Angeles and then shipped them to Stockholm to be assembled and put up. The works were highly appreciated at the official opening of the renovated office in central Stockholm.

Jeff was chosen for the commission because Iggesund Paperboard has previously worked with him, including in its Black Box project, which met with great interest in design circles. During his June visit to Sweden Jeff also took the opportunity to give a seminar for a selected group of paper enthusiasts. 

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