Meet the Student initiative contester: Jake Thompson

Throughout the year we will introduce numerous highly creative UK design students taking part in the Student initiative, the Iggesund Paperboard-hosted design competition involving a total of five universities.

"I found that Iggesund Paperboard was known best for its innovation, expertise and forward-thinking approach to business. These were the three dictums that I followed throughout the production of my submission."

What is the best thing about being a student at the University of Salford?
“The interaction with my tutors. If I’m not mistaken, every tutor I’ve been taught by has spent at least some of their career working in the professional design industry. This insider knowledge enables them to provide an insight into industry that is priceless.”

More information: Iggesund Academy and the Student initiative

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What did you know about Iggesund Paperboard before the start of this project?
“Truth be told, I’d never heard of Iggesund Paperboard (or the Holmen Group for that matter). To learn the company was based in Sweden really piqued my interest, which led me to conduct some initial research and thus the project began. I was (and continue to be) humbled by just how much Iggesund Paperboard genuinely care about the environment and the impact they have on it. You only have to read their annual environmental report to see what I’m talking about.”

Could you describe your submission.

“I found that Iggesund Paperboard was known best for its innovation, expertise and forward-thinking approach to business. These were the three dictums that I followed throughout the production of my submission. Entitled ‘The Truth About Willow’, my submission was a physical dossier stylised to mimic the look of a secretive Government agency document. The dossier is eight pages, with each aspect of the Grow Your Income scheme and Willow Cycle broken down into bite-size pieces of information, designed to be shipped directly to farmers and other interested parties.”

But there is more to your idea, right?
“Yes, the second half of the campaign is a website (again stylised like a top secret project). The website can only be accessed using a secret code hidden beneath a scratch-and-reveal panel on the back page of the dossier. The code, once inputted, allows the reader to access more information about the Grow Your Income scheme and also serves as the campaign’s call to action. This interactive element of my submission makes it easier to track the success of the campaign and encourages the audience to get involved.”

Why you think “The Truth About Willow” is a good fit for Iggesund Paperboard?

“‘The Truth About Willow’ gives Iggesund the opportunity to reach out to a well-established audience in a fun and engaging way. The rejuvenation of the classic dossier is an inventive response to the brief, and the finely tuned copy conveys Iggesund Paperboard’s industry-leading expertise in forestry and biofuels. The physical dossier and digital website come together to form a cross-platform campaign that is truly forward thinking and ready for the farmers of tomorrow.”

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What was the most challenging aspect of this project?
“Coming up with an idea that was unique and fit for purpose. I am a firm believer in the notion that a project can only ever be as good as the original idea, no matter how perfectly executed the work is. This project was very audience driven – throughout the entire project I constantly had in mind the image of a farmer viewing my work. I found myself asking ‘WAFLT?’ (Would A Farmer Like This?).”

This is the Student initiative 2016/17

Organizers: Iggesund Paperboard, The Heaven Company and British trade journal publisher Earth Island Publishing

Participating schools: University of Salford, Norwich University for the Arts, University of the Creative Arts, Epsom, Ravensbourne University, Bromley 



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