A taste of Iggesund

Meet Jörgen and Maria Andersson – the chef couple who offer local delicacies to Iggesund Paperboard’s long-distance visitors. Under the concept of A Taste of Sweden, the duo is now taking these taste experiences out into the wider world.

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“What we do here is unique! Few people know we even exist, so those who come here generally have no expectations. So the most common reaction we get from our guests
is surprise. Amazement that such a good restaurant can exist in the middle of nowhere.“

Maria and I have both worked at several of the best-known restaurants in Stockholm and both been members of the Swedish national culinary team. After having later run a conference hotel in southern Sweden for a few years, we were contacted by the well-known chef Gert Klötzke, who Iggesund had commissioned to reconceptualise Grill Manor and Hedvigsfors Manor. We were interested right away. The project was far too exciting not to say yes. Just imagine: being able to run two exclusive guest facilities with fantastic heritage in beautiful settings and with an international public. Of course we have never
regretted our decision for a second.

“Today we are a team of eight who are jointly responsible for running Grill Manor and Hedvigsfors Manor, our two guest facilities close to Iggesund’s head office and mill about three hours’ journey north of Stockholm.

“Unlike our previous jobs, here we can be professional all the way and really give each step the time it needs. We get a lot closer to our guests and on the days when we are not booked for customer visits we can spend time doing the job right from the start: baking sourdough bread, picking berries and mushrooms, making our own chocolate, bouillon and sausages. As chefs, having the opportunity to invest such care into our food is really enriching – and a lot more special than any stars in some guidebook. 

“We always tailor our menus to what we know about the guests who are coming. But always with the same starting point: a menu based on local ingredients. It’s wonderful to be able to offer people Swedish delicacies and see their reactions. Smoked reindeer heart is usually an attention grabber, as are cloudberries. Then of course the fantastic setting heightens the total experience. Sometimes customers return several years after a previous stay and they are still enthusing about the home-made elk sausage that was roasted over an open fire out by the calm lake in the middle of the forest at Hedvigsfors Manor. Such an experience tends to stick in people’s minds – and I’m sure the Iggesund brand does too.


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