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On April 18 the Swedish fashion brand H&M is starting their World Recycle Week. H&M is seeking to collect 1,000 tons of old garments in the company's biggest sustainability campaign yet.  

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“Seeing how much unwanted clothes we've collected since launching the garment collecting initiative, we know that there's a huge interest from our customers to be more conscious in how they enjoy fashion  – and we want them to be a part of the solution," says H&M's head of sustainability Anna Gedda.

Iggesund had a talk with Madelene Ericsson, Sustainability Business Expert at H&M, about their take on sustainability when it comes to packaging. The company has had an active approach towards sustainability within the company the last 10 years and it is clear that they want to make a statement, be proactive and lead the way.

“We challenge every packaging from a sustainability perspective. This does not only include a production, raw material or energy point of view but also the packaging´s end of life and disposal. Our long-term goal is to move away from fossile-based materials and only use recycled or sustainably sourced renewable materials that can be recycled again.” says Madelene Ericsson.

“H&M wants to increase the share of FSC® (FSC-C110018) certified packaging and also use more material with recycled and recyclable content. We are a strong global brand and we want to show that it is possible to combine worldwide business and low/medium cost products with being a sustainable company. We want to decrease our overall footprint by becoming more circular, which includes how we source materials and how we design for reuse recycling,” Madelene Ericsson continuoe.

“We are more and more people on this planet – fighting for the same resources. It is necessary for us to use and reuse our resources in a smarter way.” Madelene Ericsson sums up.


Madelene Ericsson, Sustainability Business Expert H&M



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