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Iggesund has been offering premium paperboard to discerning American customers for more than 30 years.

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The Iggesund brand represents high quality and a long-term approach in terms of both its products and services. This is also the case in the US, where Iggesund’s first order was made way back in 1970. Ever since 1985, Iggesund Paperboard Inc. has had both employees and merchants representing it in the US. Today, over 30 years later, Iggesund’s American contingent consists of 14 people, of whom 9 are at the office outside New York and the others are spread out across the country.

“We have a solid service system set up from coast to coast,” says Rickard Österlindh, President of Iggesund Paperboard Inc.

“With warehouses in Pennsylvania, California and Texas plus local sheeting and distribution we can offer very fast delivery times and respond to the market’s demands for service, whatever the product segment.”

A few years ago Iggesund expanded its presence in the US by adding service offices on the west coast, and can now offer the same level of service throughout the country.

“We have a solid service system set up from coast to coast.”

Rickard Österlindh, President
Iggesund Paperboard Inc.

“This not only gives us opportunities on the west coast but throughout the US, as we must be able to deliver to where our customers are.”

What is the biggest challenge in being a Swedish company with a very Swedish name in the American market?

“Having a slightly unusual name is not always a bad thing,” Österlindh says. “It gets remembered quickly! We shouldn’t forget that we’ve had the same name for several hundred years. Many of our competitors change their names regularly and customers can have difficulty keeping up with all the changes.”

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