The packaging dream factory

Haney is a innovative centre that brings together the expertise and technology necessary to transform a designer’s vision into a commercially viable prototype. 

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Imagine that in a single place you can get help with everything required to transform a packaging concept into a physical product. To succeed requires expertise in everything from design to technical skill. The American Midwest is home to just such a company. Haney stands out in the packaging industry thanks to its globally unique total pre-launch solution. The company has quite simply brought together research and development, design and prototype production under a single roof.

The Haney team getting busy in their Cincinnati studio.

“We are kind of a chameleon in our industry in that we provide a space for cross-fertilisation and translation between the different players of the process,” says co-founder and president Dan Haney.

“We identified the bridge between creativity and technology as missing in the industry. That’s why the basis of our business model is to put the consumer insight team, the creative team and the technical team in a room together. All sorts of innovation can come out of that.”

The journey to what Haney is today has been a wild ride, say its founders. Its embryo was created in 1990 by the two brothers, Dan and Matt. From their home office where they did graphic design, the company progressed via Dan’s garage and its first printer to today’s innovation centre with some 70 employees.

“Now, prototyping is the core of our business,” Dan Haney says. “We believe in the importance of holding something in your hand in order to showcase what is possible and what is not. All innovation depends on two creations: one in the mind and one in reality.”

Haney’s clients – like Nestlé, Pepsi and Procter & Gamble – also benefit from an efficient development process that is 40 to 60 percent faster for a client than working with several different suppliers. This is hardly surprising, given that Haney alone can supply what usually requires the collaboration of ten different companies.

To create the best possible products, Haney has launched the VIA Alliance™ Program, a material and technology library and functions as an everyday trade show. It contains the materials and techniques that Haney can offer clients thanks to its partnerships with the world’s leading players in the industry. With this system, during the initial brainstorming period, clients can touch and feel prototypes of what can be produced, and can experiment in real time. Iggesund is one of the programme’s 37 partners.

“Iggesund is one of Haney’s number one partners. They have few products, but they are all top notch. Clients request the characteristics that Iggesund provides,” says Tracy Updike, VIA Alliance™ Program Manager at Haney.

One clear trend that Haney perceives in the industry is the greater significance of packaging. Packaging is becoming an increasingly important platform via which customers can experience a product. Upcoming major challenges for the industry are to master the increased role of online commerce while also dealing with the growing importance of interactive packaging.

“Through the VIA Alliance™ Program we come up with solutions for problems that arise out of new trends and challenges,” Updike says. “To succeed we have to continue to create an environment where real innovation can happen in real time.”

Iggesund is one of Haney’s number one partners.

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