At Paperpack SA, both sides deliver

The two faces of Invercote G combined with customer-supplier teamwork, create added value for brand owners.

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John Petrou (Paperpack), Alex Guglielmi (Iggesund), Maria Steinemann (Iggesund), Juliana Tsoukaridi (Paperpack) and Giannis Argyropoulos (International Paper Agencies Ltd) in front of the latest installed MAN Roland press at Paperpack

Paperpack SA, a leading Greek provider of carton packaging and pharmaceutical leaflets, both for the domestic market and globally, is always looking for ways to improve quality and sustainability for their customers.

“We continuously upgrade equipment and processes to excel,” says John Petrou, quality management officer at Paperpack SA.

This quest for constant improvement also includes ongoing optimization of their most critical and costly consumable— paperboard.

“When Iggesund Paperboard launched its upgraded version of Invercote G, we decided to try it to optimize the print on the backside. Already we are seeing sharper images and more defined text on all surfaces of the package.”

John Petrou also finds the images much more vivid in colours and sees that the Paperpack SA customers now have more options thanks to the enhancements on the reverse side of the paperboard.

“The reverse side actually is in the spot of ongoing campaigns for our customers; the brand owners.” It was in the beginning of 2015 that Iggesund’s Technical Service Manager Alex Guglielmi and Maria Steinemann, European account representative, met with John Petrou and his team to launch a pioneering project for reverse side excellence. Notes Guglielmi: “Branders expect suppliers like Paperpack SA to help them stay ahead of competition. And at Iggesund we want to help our customers achieve this.

The light coating on the reverse side of upgraded Invercote G provides a vehicle for designers to achieve high-quality reverse side printing. Sometimes this is a colour shade or pattern, which improves recognition and reinforces a brand. Because text reads very clearly, that is an advantage, especially for packages where both sides are visible.

Upgraded Invercote G lifts the printability of the reverse side to a new level whilst still keeping the tactile feel of an uncoated board. In some cases, converters and branders want to use the reverse side of the paperboard as the outside face of the package to give it a more natural touch. Invercote G gives them this possibility: one board with two distinctly different surfaces that both deliver a consistent print result; though with different feelings.

“Our business is built around timely delivery of high print resolution on strong functional packages. The upgraded version of Invercote G is visually and optically better—even to the naked eye,” adds John Petrou. “Invercote is also well known to for quick set up which minimizes waste. This sustainability advantage is a plus, economically and for the environment.”

Juliana Tsoukaridi, the chief procurement officer at Paperpack SA, points out that price matters a great deal.

 “In Greece margins for printers are squeezed. Because paperboard is our largest material cost, it must deliver added value to win for our customers and us. In fact Invercote G looks to have the right combination of functionality and eye appeal to meet high expectations. Cheaper board always draws the attention of a converter, but in the end, performance is the most critical factor for our buying decisions.” According to Juliana Tsoukaridi “The Iggesund team brings depth and experience around critical issues, which is important to our success.”

Maria Steinemann demonstrating upgraded Invercote G’s excellent visual attributes to John Petrou and Juliana Tsoukaridi.

Functionality beyond paperboard.

“When we buy paperboard from Iggesund, technical problem solving and proactive advice is built in,” says John Petrou. “Job #1 for us is satisfying customers, often in a time crunch, and running smoothly without any surprises. When paperboard causes inconsistencies in our production process, or imperfections make packages to fall short, everyone loses. Because Iggesund’s sales and technical team understands what we do, and helps us adapt, we are more respected by customers, and more responsive.”

Concludes Maria Steinemann: “A dialogue around quality issues is always important. Sharing technical knowledge with Paperpack SA, bringing our hands-on experience from so many markets around the world, is an advantage we are proud to deliver. Dynamic results all adds up to what we call ‘Care by Iggesund,’ a complete service offering and a belief that black figures are best grown from green assets - sustainability with a touch of emotion throughout.”



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