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It was designed as a prize, and now it has won a prize. A three-dimensional ‘S’ made of Invercote is just one example of this paperboard’s multifunctionality.

Invercote G turned out to be the perfect material when Stockholm-based design and branding agency bvd was conceptualizing the national Design S prize, the Oscar Award of Swedish design.

The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design awards the s to professional designers, architects and companies for exceptional design. Over the years, the bvd team has made the biennial award out of everything from recycled glass to pine to cast iron. Continuing in this vein, and aiming literally for a lighter touch, bvd turned to paperboard for the 2014 competition.

BVD and Egil Jansson’s Invercote S won a Bronze Pencil in the printing and paper craft category at the international One Show competition.

“It was really liberating to work with paperboard,” says Rikard Ahlberg, bvd’s design director and partner. Working with paper designer Egil Jansson, bvd developed an s that Ahlberg says turned out even better than he had anticipated.

“Invercote was the natural choice for Egil,” Ahlberg says. “He had worked with it a lot before, and he knew that it was flexible and would bend and fold well.”

Inspired by origami, the s was accordion-pleated. The paperboard was folded inside out, exposing the uncoated side to achieve a matt feel and finish.

Swedish simplicity and light were also inspirational while working on the letter. “The white paperboard really reflects the light well, creating interesting shadows,” Ahlberg says.




“Working with paperboard feels more playful than other media.” Holding the s up to the wall where shadows settle on and behind the 3d piece, he adds matter-of-factly, “s is the best letter. It’s the most beautiful of all the letters with its never-ending form.”

Obviously he’s not the only one to feel this way. Not only was the graceful S a hit with the customer, but it also took home a Bronze Pencil award at the 2015 One Show competition in New York.




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