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Van Heertum Design VHD, Tilburg, Netherlands, has been impressing clients and colleagues all over the world since 1971 with packaging designs that leave a lasting impression. The international design teams, under the management of Frans van Heertum, Creative Director, and Annemarie de Brouwer, Art Director, are looking into what it takes to be Dutch, down to the smallest detail. Their designs go through gravure, offset, flexo, screen printing and many other post-printing processes until you will be able to experience the astonishing result. 

But why are they doing this? "The elimination of frustration at the start of the physical production phase has become part of our mission statements" Frans answers to this question,” or, to put it more bluntly, you have probably experienced it all: designs that looks spectacular on colour screens and glossy colour prints, but turn out to be a disappointment in the production process."

The VHD Black Box consists of two parts: a centrepiece box that is their ‘Art Gallery’ and a 3D element.

Van Heertum Design Box

Opening van Heertum’s black box reveals a highly intricate laser cut construction made from a single sheet of paperboard.

The box also contains a number of cards that display a variety of various printing and finishing techniques – ones that most printers and designers can only dream of achieving.



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