Sebastian Onufszak

Sebastian Onufszak is a German-Polish illustrator, designer and directorworking for an international range of high-end clients in the fields of print, interactive and motion media as a self-employed designer.

Sebastian's Black Box idea is an animation about the cycle of life. A surrealistic short movie called "Still Life in a Circle" about the renaissance of creativity – about hope and desperation, life and death and about lightness and darkness and also about the history of Iggesund. The film about the closed circle of life is played on a video player integrated into Invercote paperboard.

This is a DVD describing the Black box project and the designer himself. The DVD is packed in a "TronPak" cover which is produced on; cover Invercote G 330g and tray Invercote Duo 770g. Hotfoiling of tagline. Produced by Ichikudo printing, Tokyo.

Sebastian Onufszak at the Black Box event in Hamburg.

Sebastian Onufszak Box

Think inside the box. Normally designers are called upon to think outside the box.

What would happen if you asked the world's most pre-eminent designers to do the opposite - to summon all their creative inspiration and think inside the box?

We did!



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