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Jens Assur is a world-renowned photographer and filmmaker, responsible for some of Scandinavia’s largest and most startling photographic art projects and films in recent years.

In the 1990s he was Sweden’s most award-winning photojournalist. He gradually left the press world and began focusing on filmmaking. His films such as The Last Dog in Rwanda and Killing the Chickens to Scare the Monkeys have won multiple international awards. Partly due to this success, at the beginning of 2012 he was the first Scandinavian to win the Sundance/NHK International Filmmaker Award, the Sundance Festival’s prize for promising filmmakers. His company, Studio Jens Assur, has become a visionary voice and catalyst for today’s contemporary society.

“When I was asked to take part in the Black Box Project I didn’t hesitate a second,” he says enthusiastically. “As a creative artist, it’s rare that I have the opportunity to work so freely and at such a high artistic level in a customer-initiated project. But in this case we could do so on both a conceptual and intellectual level.”


The theme of Jens' Black Box is Mega City Cultures. At a time of great and accelerating urbanization, his photos poses questions of what separates and unites megacity inhabitants across the world's largest cities.

Jens Assur at the Black Box event in Milano, 2011.

Jens Assur Box

A hundred years ago the world had only one city with more than a million inhabitants – London.

Today there are more than a hundred such cities and 25 metropolises with over 10 million inhabitants.

The migration and urbanisation behind this growth formed the starting point for photographer and filmmaker Jens Assur’s contribution to the Black Box Project.



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