The Black Box Project

Think inside the box

This is the challenge we presented to the international design community. Design something made from Invercote within the given confines of a box. We took a step back, released control, and let creativity flourish.

The idea behind the Black Box Project® is quite simple: What will happen if you give designers a tool with which he or she can do whatever they like? The Black Box is nothing but a stage on which designers perform their art, without any limitations apart from using the unique characteristics of Invercote and the size of the box.

The Designers

We have had the privilege of collaborating with these seven design teams in the Black Box Project

Van Heertum Design / VHD, The Netherlands

Sebastian Onufszak, Germany

Jens Assur, Sweden

Landor Associates, France

Marc Benhamou, USA

Brunazzi & Associati, Italy

Jeff Nishinaka, USA



German Design Award



Best of Business to Business Award



Mediastars Award



Golden Cylinder Award



Golden Leaf Award



Swiss Star Special Award Design



Freccia d'Oro Award B2B



GWA Production Award



E3 Best of Europe Award



Brand Identity GrandPrix



Black Box Introduction

What happens when you ask a group of international designers to "think inside the box"? To design something made of Invercote paperboard, within the confines of a black box.

Well, watch and see for yourself!



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