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“The packaging should exude luxury”

Packaging company Model AG’s clientele includes Läderach, a Swiss family-owned company that produces luxury chocolate of the highest quality. The company’s exclusive, fragile luxury chocolates place particularly high demands on the packaging. “If you’re selling a luxury product, customers also want to feel that quality in the ­packaging,” says Martin Sutnar, senior product manager at Läderach AG.

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Switzerland is renowned not only for luxury products like exclusive watches and high-quality cheeses, but also for its first-rate chocolate. The first Swiss chocolate factory was established in 1819, and it was here that the milk chocolate bar was first developed. But when it comes to real class, only one thing counts: luxury chocolates.

The Swiss family of chocolatiers behind Läderach ag has been producing handmade Swiss chocolate and confectionery specialities of the highest quality for more than 50 years. FrischSchoggi, which is available in more than 20 flavours, is famous among chocolate lovers around the world.

Did you know?

The Swiss consume the most cacao in the world – over 5.9 ­kilograms of cacao per person. Of the chocolate sold, 20 percent is dark chocolate, 75 percent is milk chocolate and 5 percent is white chocolate.

Besides the company’s 50 boutiques of its own, the chocolate is also sold through distributors in the Middle East and Asia, and through selected retailers in Europe. For the past five years it has also been possible to buy Läderach’s chocolate via the online shop.

However, selling products online places extra high demands on the packaging. For this reason, the chocolates available online are limited to a specially selected range that can cope with the temperature variations that can arise during the delivery process.

Pleasure in the making
Organic - Only the best works


This is particularly important because Läderach’s chocolate is renowned in particular for its freshness. Since the company makes the chocolate itself, it has full control over the entire value chain, from cacao bean to sales counter. This sets Läderach apart from its competitors and enables it to guarantee top-quality sustainable products. But a high-class chocolate needs the right packaging: the packaging is crucial to retaining the product’s flavour, aroma and consistency.'


Model group

The Company was founded by Louis Model in 1882. Today the company has 15 subsidiaries in nine countries and has more than 3,100 employees in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and Croatia. Its headquarters is in Weinfelden, in north-eastern Switzerland. Model’s largest customers are in the food, cosmetics and luxury goods industries.

When packaging fragile luxury goods like chocolates, it is important to use tried-and-tested packaging components that provide the best possible protection. But the packaging material must not migrate into the product.

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The packaging must also exude luxury and live up to the brand, and of course it must be organic and environmentally sound.“The packaging is an integral part of the quality of the chocolate and should form a well-balanced whole with the contents,” says Martin Sutnar, senior product manager.

This is why Läderach is working closely with Model ag to produce packaging that reflects the quality of the exclusive contents. Besides the visual aspects such as colours, surface treatments and tactile effects, the choice of material plays an important role.

Capturing flavour and keeping up appearances. For luxury brands there is no other way than luxury packaging.

“Needless to say, special safe inks are used that are approved for use in food packaging,” says Miroslav Gligoric, sales manager at Model ag. “Food safety is our number one priority.” Gligoric likes chocolate himself. “Chocolate is a joy to eat, and well-designed packaging should inspire an emotional purchase decision among consumers,” he says.

“The packaging we’ve developed for Läderach is very appealing. It bears testimony to our innovative creativity, while it also meets high quality requirements and represents suitable brand positioning for Läderach.”

Protect the taste

Whenever foodstuffs are packaged, there is a risk that some of the packaging materials will “migrate or transfer” into the food itself. Packaging manufacturers go to great lengths to keep this from happening. For luxury goods like high-end chocolates, it is of utmost importance that nothing migrates from the packaging to the product and influences is taste.

Regulations that govern the migration have been sharpened in recent years, and Iggesund Paperboard performs stringent migration tests to make sure that its board materials meet all the requirements. These tests involve bringing various types of food simulants into contact with the board and storing them for specific time periods at specified temperatures.

After this contact period, the amounts of substances that have migrated can be used to estimate total migration, or specifically analysed to identify and quantify the substances. The limits apply to packaging materials made of several components.Paperboard made of virgin fibre pulp has the highest possible purity and provides packaged products with the best odour and taste neutrality. While the board is often the basis of the packaging, other components such as printing inks and varnishes may contribute considerably to the migration.

When the product requires that little extra…

Packaging refined luxury goods such as perfume or chocolates requires that little bit extra. Model Group, which specialises in complex, attractive transport packaging made from paperboard and containerboard, knows this. “It’s our responsibility to ensure the contents are packaged in the optimum way, which is why we create specially adapted packaging solutions in consultation with the customer,” says Miroslav Gligoric, sales manager at Model AG, Au.

Model Group develops and produces smart, innovative packaging solutions from solid paperboard and containerboard. Each package is specially designed to suit the product.

“Our speciality at Au is complex, attractive luxury packaging for confectionery, made from solid paperboard, paper and composite materials,” explains Miroslav Gligoric, sales manager at Model AG.

Each package creates an impression and stirs a range of emotions in the consumer. What does it look like, how does it communicate the brand, how does the material feel in the hand, what is it like to open, what does it smell like?

Basic transport packaging is fine for some goods, but other, more delicate goods such as chocolates, perfumes and food require more complex, bespoke solutions in exclusive paperboard with creative, refined paper wrappings. Model Group produces an array of folding boxes, displays, decorations, trays, luxury and gift packaging, transport packaging and packaging for transporting hazardous goods, among other products.

“As a service we also offer copackaging and recycling as well as flexographic, offset and digital printing in large volumes,” Gligoric says.

The tailor-made solutions are developed in close collaboration with the customer – all the way from concept and product development to production and delivery.

“First and foremost, the packaging must fulfil the customers’ needs,” Gligoric says. “Other important criteria are good product protection and a well-devised, ergonomic design.”

In other words, there is a lot to consider when producing the optimum packaging for each product. However, choosing material from Iggesund was easy.

“Iggesund Paperboard meets our high demands when it comes to printability and further processing for the food industry,” Gligoric says. “Its different types of paperboard are ideal for packaging adapted for the confectionery industry.”


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