Shine brighter with Metalprint

For that extra something that gets the customer to stop right at your packaging, try Metalprint.

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1. For a smoother surface
For designers and brand owners who want to give their packaging a shiny metallic
surface, the market is dominated by foil glued onto paperboard. One problem that can arise is that when you glue the foil onto the paperboard, it will highlight any irregularities in the substrate. 
Metalprint is an alternative offered by Iggesund that provides greater quality certainty. The silvery effect and the shine are created by an extremely transparent polyester film that is affixed with PE on one side of the paperboard which  eliminates irregularities and give the paperboard its smooth surface. The film is run through a chamber that vaporises aluminium so that the aluminium particles stick to the film. The initial thickness of the film is 12 thousandths of a millimetre. After passing through the chamber the film has gained a 50 nanometre-thick layer. It is thick enough to look like a metal but if you hold it up against a light source you can see right through it. The PE evens out the irregularities in the paperboard and makes the metal surface smoother. All this creates a different visual impression and increases the desired mirror effect.


2. The ink issue
The Metalprint surface does not absorb any ink. The inks must therefore be specially adapted to print properly; that is, they must dry by oxidation and polymerisation. You must change the ink systems in your presses when you go from printing on paperboard to printing on a film substrate like Metalprint.

3. Handle with care

The shinier the surface you want to have, the more sensitive it becomes to various types of mechanical influence. Metallised surfaces are more easily scratched than an ordinary paperboard surface. In your logistics flow you must therefore make sure to cover the surface with a plastic sheet. To further protect the surface, you can coat it with a varnish but this can lead to the loss of a small amount of the shiny metallic effect.

4. Who’s printing?
Metalprint is not rocket science, but it is in fact somewhat complex. For the best result, make sure to go with a printing firm who has the right expertise.


5. Do some trial runs
To ensure that you get the result you want, make sure you do some trial runs first so that you will not run into problems with your first commercial order.

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