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Amazon Fresh is the name of the American online giant Amazon’s home grocery delivery service. When the service was launched in London in 2016 the UK food producer 2 Sisters Food Group took the opportunity to create a unique product line that is only available via Amazon Fresh. And so Foddr was born.

“Foddr is all about taste, freshness and quality. It’s real food available for delivery within an hour or two,” says David Tonkin, Group Packaging Development Manager at 2 Sisters Food Group.

Even if the plan is for Foddr to grow along with Amazon Fresh, at the moment only customers of Amazon Prime (Amazon’s subscription service for e-books and streamed films/music, which also offers free delivery) in parts of London can click to order Foddr’s delicacies.

All 62 items in the product line – which ranges from pizza to soup, fresh fish and mashed potatoes – are packaged in Incada Exel.

“It was Incada’s whiteness in relation to the price that was decisive,” Tonkin explains. “In e-commerce the packaging is not critical to the purchasing decision but it is important that it reflects the brand when you do hold the product in your hand. With Incada we achieved both quality and price.”


Brand: 2 Sisters Food Group
Product: Prepared food
Paperboard: Incada Exel

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