Let there be light

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With inspiration from the furniture fair in Milan, Japanese origami and a deep-rooted respect for the environment, Swedish art director and designer Olof Nauclér has created a series of lamps made out of paperboard and LED lamps. Not only does the paperboard make the Urbanero lamps lighter in weight, but since it’s a local resource from Iggesund it also means fewer emissions from transportation.

“The LED lamps need a minimum of electricity and have an extremely long durability,” Nauclér says. “And if someone, for whatever reason, wants to discard the lamp, the paperboard can be composted.”

Company: Urbanero
Design: Olof Nauclér
White lamp material: Invercote G, from 350 g/m2
Lamp packaging material: Invercote Duo 670 g/m2 Production technique: Paperboard is punched and embossed with logo in relief and glued with LED lamp wire
Production: Elitha Kartong and Urbanero Stockholm

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Iggesund Paperboard
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The making of Invercote

See how the leading paperboard brand Invercote is produced at the Iggesund Mill in Sweden. Invercote is a solid bleached board extremely well suited for packaging where demands on both print reproduction and structural design are very high.

Through its consistently high performance in printing and packing lines, it adds value to both carton makers and commercial printers when it comes to optimising their production economy. And it adds value to brand owners making their packaging stand out on the shelf.

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In the latest issue of Inspire magazine we give a lot of space to unboxing, the rapidly growing practice whereby both private individuals and companies post videos of someone unpacking newly purchased products. Suddenly packaging has gained a completely new and much larger audience.

The cover is printed on Invercote Metalprint 249 g/m(Invercote G 220 g/m2 + 29 g/m2 metallised PET). Four-colour UV offset printing on the print side, four-colour offset printing on the reverse side. Dispersion protection varnish on both sides. 


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