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Inkmark’s chocolate making client, The Solid Chocolate Company, is an award-winning chocolatier that has won the World Food Innovation Award for Confectionary Innovation. Their great idea was to make 42 pieces of interlocking chocolate to produce a single 750g solid chocolate Easter egg, shattering the illusion of hollow easter eggs being the norm. To keep the innovation throughout their packaging they also wanted to develop a unique carton that could be re-closed. As nobody should be able to eat 750g of solid chocolate in one go!

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With this in mind, a carton was designed with an aperture for the egg to protrude enabling the structure of the egg to be visible giving maximum shelf impact. Foiling and spot UV were incorporated into the design to complement the premium nature of the product. Perforations were positioned along the creases of the front surface to allow opening without affecting the graphics area of the box. This gave easy access to the front opening vacuum formed tray holding the 42 pieces of chocolate. Finding the right material to make this work was crucial and as Mark Sutor of Inkmark expressed:

“The stable structure, brightness of the printed colour, foiling and spot UV capabilities and the reduced cracking attributes made the use of Invercote Creato the best choice for our client's packaging.” He continued, “Invercote Creato is also tainted and odor neutral which was important for the chocolatier, making it the right material for a project of this nature.”

All of the considerations above helped Inkmark not only to look after its customer by providing the best materials and solutions for their needs but also allowed Simon Allison of The Solid Chocolate Company the confidence to say:

"I have spent the last few years developing a range of products and Inkmark have been an instrumental part of this process. Their knowledge of materials, machinery, technology, and processes comes from many years of working in the packaging industry, and this is patently clear when you ask them for opinions, quotes, and advice."

”The perforations had to be positioned along the creases of the front surface to allow an easily accessible opening to the vacuum formed chocolate holder with 42 scrumptious chunks of chocolate. Finding the right material to make this work was crucial as it had to be strong enough to hold in transit but still be able to tear back upon receipt by the chocolate lover. We tested several materials and perforation configurations, and Invercote Creato hit the brief.”


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