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The European Carton Excellence Award is the continent’s most prestigious award for paperboard packaging. UK carton producer Rapid Action Packaging (RAP) won the 2018 “Innovative Material” category for its food tray based on Invercote G.

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RAP’s MA Carton Food Tray uses 85 per cent less plastic than its plastic equivalent and weighs 15 per cent less. The company says it is also the world’s first hermetically sealed paperboard food tray.

It took six years for RAP to perfect its tray for the food to go sector, as Julian Money, founding director of RAP, explains:

“It’s an incredibly complex process to design for the industrial food environment. Paperboard is not as rigid as plastic. It behaves differently. The carton must stand both cold and wet environments, just like plastic. To accomplish this, we did rigorous testing throughout the chill chain.”

RAP is also short for “removing avoidable plastics”, which is both the company’s motto and its business model.

“What we do is unique,” Money says. “No one else in the world does what we do. We strive to reduce the amount of plastic used in the industry and to help the retailers to do what they say they are going to do.”

“Invercote G is a quality product that doesn’t crack and has a beautiful printing finish. That’s why we choose it.”

— Julian Money, founding director of RAP

Invercote G is the paperboard RAP uses to make its new food tray.

“We’ve been using paperboard from Iggesund for years,” explains Money. “The board is reliable and great in every way but, most importantly, it works very well with our machines. Invercote G is a quality product that doesn’t crack and has a beautiful printing finish. That’s why we choose it.”


Brand: Waitrose Sainsbury
Product: Modified Atmosphere Food Tray
Paperboard: Invercote G 


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