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We asked Caroline Mörnås, Head of Design for Absolut at The Absolut Company, to scan the world for the best and most beautiful beverage packaging. Her razor-sharp selection is sure to create a craving (and make you thirsty at the same time).

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1. Riocoffee

“An eye-catcher amongst coffee brands, Riocoffee stands out in its simplicity. The images promote each roast’s character in a playful way. Flawless layout and print quality are re-ally what make or break these kinds of designs and I think they’ve done a fine job.”
Website: www.riocoffee.com.au


2. Balvenie

“When you launch a whisky for the price of GBP 26,500 it’s only suitable that the case  in which it is delivered lives up to the aspiration of the liquid. Furniture designer Sam Chinnery made these marvellous wooden boxes. The branding is pared down to a minimum. The absence of ornaments and intricate decorations is refreshing for a product in this price range.”
Website: www.thebalvenie.com


3. Our/Vodka

“If you know your bottle is so cool it practically sells itself, there’s no need to hide it. Our/Vodka challenges the norms of aesthetics in the vodka category and so does their secondary packaging. This thrifty Christmas vacuum pack puts focus on the con- tents, with just the right amount of attitude. The format of the pack also open up a different way of displaying the prod-uct, further inspiring consumer interest.”
Website: www.ourvodka.com


4. Tea Charlie

“I could go on about why the colours of these packs are perfect but
to make the story short, they strike the balance between calm and invigorating the very effect of tea. Balance and perfection flow through all aspects of this pack, from the proportions between the outer pack and the individual cases to the lovely play be-tween the ‘frame’ on the lid and the black bottom of the pack.”

Website: www.chali.tw

5. Nikka Origami
“These packs are sleek and modern but pay homage to the ancient Japanese art form of origami. The way they open is an experience unique in the category. With all folds and edges lining up perfectly, the packs communicate tradition and precision in an emotional way.”
Website: www.nikka.com


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