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George Korres began working at Greece’s oldest homeopathic pharmacy when he was just a student. Years later he ended up buying the pharmacy and in the next five years he set up a production lab for homeopathic remedies. In 1996, having developed a deep understanding and knowledge of natural ingredients and their application in over 3,000 herbal remedies, he created Korres Natural Products to offer affordable natural skin care products with interesting designs. Ever since, minimalist yet playful designs in colours inspired by pharmacies and lab spaces have been the well-recognised trademark of KORRES.

“KORRES’ design is all about paying attention to detail, from visuals and graphics to the best paperboard quality available,” says Mina Champip, PR & Communications Officer at KORRES.

With its close-ups of ingredients or Greek landscapes, KORRES’ packaging expresses the brand’s identity and heritage while also helping people to visualise the brand’s values and choices. The packaging is a representation of the brand’s green identity through the recyclable materials used. In an effort to constantly re-invent its creative expression, KORRES teamed up with Iggesund and opted for Invercote for its skin care collection.

“It allowed KORRES’ packaging to stand out with better printing quality and clarity of colours, while its unique durability was added to the list of Invercote’s competitive features,” says Mina Champip.


Brand: Korres
Product: Skin care
Paperboard: Invercote



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