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Networking, knowledge transfer and masses of innovation and inspiration. In the next few weeks it is time for Dscoop in both Tel Aviv, Israel and San Antonio, in the US. Iggesund Paperboard’s Head of Digital Print, Fredrik Lisinski, shares his thoughts on, what he believes are, the most important events in digital printing in 2016. 

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April is the year’s real highpoint for everyone who works with digital printing. From 5 to 8 April Dscoop EMEA takes places in Tel Aviv, Israel and the week after that, from 14 to 16 April, the gates open for Dscoop US in San Antonio. As usual, Dscoop brings together the industry’s leading experts for knowledge transfer and networking.

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Keynote speakers at Dscoop in Tel Aviv include a range of exciting entrepreneurs, who will offer both inspiration and insight into how to run successful businesses. There will also be new technology, new products and new services from both HP Indigo and 50 partners on show at the Tel Aviv Convention Centre. The fair concludes with a visit to the HP Indigo Campus in Kiryat Gat. Indeed, the fact that the fair is on HP Indigo’s home turf this time is one of the hottest topics being discussed prior to this year’s Dscoop.

“The reason why this year’s Dscoop EMEA is being held in Tel Aviv is that HP Indigo’s headquarters are there,” says Fredrik Lisinski, Head of Digital Print at Iggesund. “Because drupa will be held later this year, most people in the industry have waited to launch their new products until then. Now everyone’s expecting that HP Indigo will launch its own big new products earlier than that, at Dscoop in Tel Aviv. It will be really exciting.”

Fredrik is a Dscoop veteran and has visited most of the fairs since they began in the US eleven years ago. He says it is not only the new product launches and innovations that make Dscoop unique but also the atmosphere and attitude among the visitors.
“Everyone really wants to share their experiences. If you’re a printer from France and meet a colleague from Spain, of course you will share your best ideas. Everyone sees the opportunities, everyone wants to develop and everyone is optimistic about the future.”

As well as HP Indigo’s own launches, what are you looking forward to most at Dscoop this year?
“The keynote speakers are always wow experiences at Dscoop and that will be true this year too. They always find speakers with terrific stories to tell, and even though the subjects might be slightly off topic for the printing industry, that actually says a lot about Dscoop. Because, this also contributes to the feeling of innovation and entrepreneurship that’s so typical of this fair.”

Is there any special speaker you’re particularly curious about?

“Yes, a man called Uri Levine. Israel is a high-tech country with the second-highest number of startups in the world after Silicon Valley. Uri is an Israeli super-entrepreneur whose many achievements include helping to launch the world’s biggest navigation app, Waze. He seems to be extremely interesting.”

Is Iggesund presenting any news at the fair?

“At both Dscoop Tel Aviv and San Antonio, we’ll be exhibiting quite a lot of new applications and packaging solutions because of course our concept is to offer new ideas and inspiration. One thing we’ll be showing is packaging where we used an application from HP Indigo called Mosaic. It allows you to print unique packaging, for instance using a specific colour scale as a common theme. We want to show people how they can work with this in a smart way.”

Find out more about Dscoop here: dscoopemea.org.

Dscoop in Tel Aviv runs from April 4-8.


Fredrik Lisinski, Head of Digital Print Iggesund Paperboard

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