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Earrings are generally made from metals, stones and gems. But now a more unusual material can be added to the list – Invercote. “Paperboard is strong and durable, but above all very light,” says Malin Sedin, the woman behind the concept.

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Since 2003, Iggesund and Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall have been collaborating on knowledge and materials, and Sedin took advantage of this for her graduation project in the Graphic Design and Communication programme. On the theme of “packaged design,” her task was to develop three products and a brand that could be sold to consumers with an interest in design.

“I was interested in creating jewellery, but I’ve always found earrings too heavy and therefore uncomfortable,” Sedin says. “I quite quickly thought of paperboard as a potential material and contacted Iggesund, who liked the idea and provided me with various kinds of Invercote. It’s a very rewarding material to work with, easy to use and durable. The fact that it comes in so many grammages also made it easier for me to try out different things.”

The patterns on the earrings are inspired by Oriental rugs, and they have been varnished for water resistance. Sedin is delighted with both the results and the response.

“It turned out as I had imagined, and a lot of people think they look good,” she says. “They’re surprised when they find out they’re made of paperboard and are so light.”

So when will the rest of the world be able to buy Invercote earrings?

“I haven’t really thought about producing them on a larger scale as that takes capital, but you never know, one day…”



The Graphic Design and Communication programme

Graphic Design and Communication at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall is a unique three-year bachelor’s degree programme that combines graphic design, focusing on packaging design, with media and communication studies. Packaging is one of the biggest industries in Europe, and the programme provides in-depth insight into how packaging design strengthens
a brand with a communicative message.

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