Colour like no other!

New technology and close cooperation with one of Sweden's leading digital printers, Digaloo, were necessary to produce the cover of this issue. This is how it was done.

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Many people understand the advantages of digital printing. Its on-demand availability and short lead times are a good match for the current trend towards personalised printing and small editions. The technology has been quickly developed and refined, and more and more people say that the quality of digital printing today is on a level with that of offset - or even better. For the cover of this issue we wanted to try out the very latest in digital printing: a method of printing flourescent UV inks. Note: take the magazine and stand under a UV lamp to see the full effect!

1. Brand new
To achieve the effect we wanted on the cover, we have used flourescent UV ink and Hexachrome colour seperation. They have indeed been used before with other printing techniques but they are brand new in the context of digital printing. They pave the way for new products and more creativity.

2. The printing technology
The cover of Inspire was printed on HP Indigo 7900 digital printing press. The printing technology flirts with traditional offset technology and also has advanced function for a seven-colour Hexachrome ink mixture that uses the colours CMYK+OVG (Orange, Violet and Green). One of the OVG inks were then replaced with flourescent UV ink.

3. Eyecatching range of colours
Because we wanted to go all in, we combined the OVG ink, Violet, with flourescent UV Green ink in order to really expand the range of inks used compared with that used in traditional CMYK (four colour printing) production. The visually powerful result was achieved by using

extra inks and is also thanks to the fact that liquid ElectroInk we used has a high-quality finish resembling that of offset inks.

4. What's it good for?
Seizing every opportunity to create striking and creative printed materials is reason enough to try using flourescent UV inks and OVG inks. The technique is also perfect for security printing. The method can be used on many different materials and grammages such as paper, paperboard, plastic and self-adhersive materials. We chose Invercote Creato 260 g/m2.

See the full effect on the cover of Inspire 58!

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