Inspire issue 41 - 49 things you migth not know about paperboard

THE COVER of Inspire no. 41 is printed in offset on Invercote Creato 260 g/m2, and we have used two Pantone colours. The purple key on the front coveris embossed and spot UV varnished.
The Inspire logo is also spot UV varnished. The other key on the front cover is debossed. “We thought it would be fun in this issue to play with the shape of keys,” says Art Director Karin Löwencrantz.

“The issue focuses largely on the opportunities of using paperboard, and we hope it will act as something of a ‘key to success’ for readers when it comes to finding exciting solutions in their creative work. We wanted to put across the wonderful feeling that different types of embossing convey. On the rear cover we have also die-cut one of the keyholes to arouse extra curiosity!”



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