Inspire issue 39 - Beauty and Vanity

The cover of Inspire issue 39 was inspired by the animal kingdom. The peacock has often symbolised human beauty and vanity, while also serving as the embodiment of love, divinity and luxury.

“The jacket with the die-cut illustrated peacock has been printed on Invercote Creato 240 g/m²,” explains Art Director Karin Löwencrantz. “For the peacock’s metallic colours we’ve first hot-foil stamped in silver, and then printed fourcolour offset on top. We’ve printed white on part of the foil to produce an ‘authentic’ colour. Where there’s no white there’s a metallic impression of the foil. The cover underneath is printed on Invercote Creato 220 g/m² in fourcolour offset. Both covers are water varnished.”



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