Inspire issue 33 - Far East

The cover of this issue of Inspire has got an extra dimension thanks to the ultra-thin three-dimensional film behind the window. The cover was printed  on Invercote Creato 280 g/m² with 5+4 colour offset (4 EUR + PMS gold),  protection varnish and die-cutting. The film was applied to the reverse side of the paperboard by ÅR Carton in co-operation with Thomas Liljegren at Åtvidabergs Bok & Tryck.


“Since the three-dimensional film was a new material to us, the tricky part here was the gluing. It is essential that the glue doesn’t come loose” Liljegren says. The pattern of the film was developed by Farvash Razavi, a furniture and interior design graduate. Razavi also designed the cover, with Nandi Nobell.



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