Inspire Issue 29 - Branding

The cov er of this special issue of Inspire fo cusing  on  rebranding features a technique familiar to wallpaper aficionados worldwide: flocking. The technique has been taken up by luxury goods manufacturers to add an extra touch of glamour to packaging. The cover, which was spons ored and flocked by the French specialty surface com-pany Uniflockage, features a design that include s a graphic specially designed for Iggesund’s relaunch of its Invercote brand.

“Flocking gives surfaces a look – and feel – like no other,” says Marc Fortin of Uniflockage. The technique involve s applying a special glue, and then fibre s are at tached to the surface of paperboard or other materials to give the appearance and feel of velvet.

“Flocking can be used to cover an entire surface, or in a design with only partial coverage,” says Fortin. “Once it has been flocked, additional printing techniques can be used, including embossing or hot foils tamping.” In this case, the material is Invercote Creato 260 g/m². You can read more about  Uniflockage on page 22.



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