Inspire Issue 28 - Food

THE COVER with its small round window and perforated tear-off strip is Inspire art director Annika Johnsson’s take on a magazine as food packaging. Which fits right in with this issue’s theme of food and drink.

“The free-form pattern mirrors the spaghetti you can see peeking out of the hole in the cover,” says Johnsson. “Originally, we had planned on having only the tear-off strip, a technique we haven’t used before in Inspire. But I realized that as long as we were at it, we should take it one step further in mimicking food packaging. Why not add a window, like on a regular pasta package.”

The paperboard is Invercote G 240 g/m2, which works well for such perforated-strip closures because of its strength and its elasticity. “The technique of cre-ating the perforations isn’t complicated,” says Mats Strand of Strand-Grafiska, printer of the cover. “We use normal die-cutting techniques. What takes work, how-ever, is putting it all together, which needs to be done by hand in this particular instance.”

Don’t forget to check out the extra flap – just fill out the form there to subscribe to Inspire, to get a subscription for a co-worker or customer, or to let us know that you’ve changed your address. You can of course detach it via the separate perforation there.



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