Inspire Issue 27 - Flavour

THE COVER of this issue of Inspire features an illustration by Swedish artist Linn Olofsdotter. The illustration looks back to art nouveau and the 1970s as well as to Asia for inspiration, while at the same time is itself wholly modern. The tree with fruit and flowers reflects the theme of this issue – flavour, from the bark of the tree that brings us cinnamon, to the orchid that brings us vanilla and the blossom that brings us the apple, not to mention the apple itself.

“The illustration, which is quite appropriate for autumn, was made especially to harmonise the dark of the colours with the richness of the foil details, along with an accent PMS colour,” says art director Annika Johnsson. “We wanted not just to represent the foundations of flavour, but to give the reader something elegant and complex.”The cover is printed on Invercote Albato 290 g/m2 using normal offset printing with four plus one PMS colour, along with a glossy water-based protection varnish.

“We then use hot-foil stamping for the metallic surfaces” says Mats Strand of Strand-Grafiska, the printer of the cover. “What’s special about this cover is that rather than using gold or sil-ver, we’ve chosen a metal with a copper nuance that goes especially well with the illustration.”



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