Inspire Issue 25 - Music

THE COVER of Inspire, in keeping with this issue’s music theme, features a photograph of one of the legendary guitars made by Hagström. A favourite of musicians ranging from Elvis Presley to Jimi Hendrix to Frank Zappa, one-time accordion manufacturer Hagström switched to making guitars in 1958 after Karl Erik Hagström, the eldest son of founder Albin Hagström, came back from a trip to the US and declared that the future was in electric guitars. The company stopped guitar production in 1983. The guitar on the cover, photographed by Rolf Andersson, is from the Hagström Museum in Älvdalen, Sweden. More of Andersson’s photographs of Hagström guitars appear in Iggesund Paperboard’snew swatch book for the North American market. The cover is printed on Invercote Creato Metalprint 240 g/m2, a paperboard laminated with a special metallised PET, giving an exceptionally smooth print surface.  The photograph is printed on top of the paperboard, with the banner text and metal details of the guitar – the strings and the bridge – blocked out of the photograph so that the metallic sheen underneath is entirely exposed. 

“The black background in the photograph is printed over a layer of white which blocks out the metal,” says Annika Johnsson, art director for Inspire. “But the guitar has no white underneath so the metallic surface shines through very subtly to give the guitar a special shimmery look – it almost glows.”



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