Rubiks Cube Combinations

The creator's idea:


"Whilst researching for this cover I was amazed to find that a standard Rubiks Cube contains a staggering number of different combinations. Approximately 43 quintillion in total. Wow. That’s a big number. This big in fact: 43,252,003,274,489,856,000. I wanted to share that fact with Inspire readers so used it as the basis for my cover design; using the Rubiks squares as a striking and disruptive background then picking the number of combinations out in muted, contrasting black.

The finishing touch is to highlight the 44 from the combinations number in Iggesund blue to honour the 44th edition of the magazine. 43 QUINTILLION, 252 QUADRILLION, 3 TRILLION, 274 BILLION, 489 MILLION, 856 THOUSAND RUBIKS CUBE COMBINATIONS.

The finish would be uncoated paper for the header and other areas, with gloss varnish across the Rubik’s background to represent the finish of the squares on the toy, a spot matt varnish across all of the combination numbers and finally the 44 of the issue number embossed from the background to create tactile engagement for the reader – as the Rubiks Cube is about as tactile a toy as can be."


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