Dividends from Iggesund Funds make a difference for both society and employees

Over the past ten years, Iggesund Social Fund and Gunnar and Lars G Sundblad’s Youth Fund, both linked to Iggesund Paperboard, Holmen Skog and Holmen Timber in the Holmen Group distributed nearly 30 million SEK to associations in the home region. The aim is to create a rich social life that can offer meaningful leisure activity, and thus make the activity even more attractive for us who live and work here.

The funds distribute money twice a year and the last time SEK 2.8m was divided between 37 associations. The gymnastics union Hudikgympan received the largest grant to the amount of SEK 1.3m.

“It feels great that Iggesund believe in us and our activities. We are the largest children and youth association in the Hudiksvall area with a total of 1,200 members and we continue to grow. Currently we have 200 children on our waiting list and our current gymnasium is not enough”, says Jonas Bergström, who is a board member of Hudikgympan and works as a Service Development Manager at Iggesund Paperboard. The grant will cover about a third of the investment in the new gymnasium and have given a great deal of positive energy to everyone involved in the project. “I am very proud to have an employer that ensures society's best and understands the importance of investing in young people”, continues Jonas.

“I am very proud to have an employer that ensures society's best and understands the importance of investing in young people” - Jonas Bergström

“This is a great legacy that we manage. Besides these two funds that benefit the whole community we also have funds and foundations for Iggesund employees and their children. These provide an appreciated financial support for studies, language courses, etc. says Eva Thorén, HR Manager Iggesund Paperboard. “There are not many employers who can compete with employee benefits of this magnitude”, says Eva.


The Holmen Group is a great believer in healthy pursuits. Often the impetus comes from employees passionate about exercise and fitness, matched by the Holmen commitment to provide facilities for employees.

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Global opportunities

As an international company we offer the opportunity to make a global career within Iggesund Paperboard. Meet new people, get to know new work environment and understanding the role of being a part of our international company. How does Asia, USA or Europe sounds to you?

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Core values

We believe that all employees have a contribution to make and want to take responsibility, as long as they are given the right conditions to do so in their work. Iggesund Paperboard is distinguished by employees who, with courage, commitment and responsibility, perform at their best.

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Social responsibility

Our personnel policy is aimed at developing employeeship, leadership and organisation. Activities in this area are based on laws, collective agreements and Group-wide policies and guidelines.



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