Management by objectives

Management by objectives is the name of Holmen’s joint process and tool for ensuring that we do the right things and achieve our goals. In addition it will assist managers to provide clear and motivating management and leadership in line with our core values courage, commitment and responsibility.

It ensures that all knowledge, potential and personal drive among all the employees are utilized since all employees are involved in setting targets and how to reach them. It contributes to create increased understanding, commitment and a greater degree of responsibility in the organization. Management by objectives contributes to building successful groups and teams both when it comes to result and team spirit.

The process for management by objectives begins at every level by clarifying the long-term profitability target and strategy for Holmen and the business area, what conditions apply for the unit in question and, based on these, what is expected of the business. With this as a foundation, all teams formulate the targets, critical success factors, key performance indicators and action plans in order to meet the expectations.

Management by objectives is applied at every level within Holmen and involves all employees.

Professional roles

We work constantly to develop our products and always in the direction our customers want. In this work, we need creative people, who are passionate and committed to build our business. Within Iggesund Paperboard we can offer a wide range of professions, see for yourself.

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Global opportunities

As an international company we offer the opportunity to make a global career within Iggesund Paperboard. Meet new people, get to know new work environment and understanding the role of being a part of our international company. How does Asia, USA or Europe sounds to you?

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Core values

We believe that all employees have a contribution to make and want to take responsibility, as long as they are given the right conditions to do so in their work. Iggesund Paperboard is distinguished by employees who, with courage, commitment and responsibility, perform at their best.

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Black figures are best grown from green assets

Our approach to sustainability is one of care – for the environment, for our people and the people we come in contact with.

We also relate sustainability to business; both to our own and to our customers'.

We believe that black figures are best grown from green assets and that sustainability only can be approached with a long term perspective and a holistic view.


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