Professional roles

Examples of professional roles

Production Engineer
Process Engineer
Production Manager 
Technical Service Manager
Mechanical Craftsman
Strategic Purchaser
System Analyst
Logistics Specialist
Group Manager
Account Manager
Visit Coordinatior
Visit Guide
Shipping Agent
Project Manager

Automation Engineer
Development Specialist
Product Quality Technician
Production and Logistics Planner
Business Analyst
Project Engineer
Documentation Engineer
Laboratory Assistant
Laboratory Engineer
Development Engineer

Strategic Purchaser
Environmental Engineer
Trolley Driver
Process Operator
Hotel and Diner staff
IT Coordinator
Sales Manager
Inspection Engineer
IT Technician
Technical Engineer
Transport Coordinator
Production Coordinator


Professional roles

We work constantly to develop our products and always in the direction our customers want. In this work, we need creative people, who are passionate and committed to build our business. Within Iggesund Paperboard we can offer a wide range of professions, see for yourself.

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Global opportunities

As an international company we offer the opportunity to make a global career within Iggesund Paperboard. Meet new people, get to know new work environment and understanding the role of being a part of our international company. How does Asia, USA or Europe sounds to you?

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Core values

We believe that all employees have a contribution to make and want to take responsibility, as long as they are given the right conditions to do so in their work. Iggesund Paperboard is distinguished by employees who, with courage, commitment and responsibility, perform at their best.

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Code of Conduct

Holmen’s Code of Conduct clarifies and emphasises the requirements and expectations on Holmen employees.

The Code applies to all employees of the Holmen Group and we encourage our business partners to act in line with this code and we take this into account when choosing who we work with.

The Code of Conduct provides guidance in day-to-day work, clarifying what each employee can expect of their colleagues regarding business ethics & handling information, human rights & labour rights and environment.


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