As an employee of Iggesund Paperboard you are a part of the Holmen Group.

We want everyone who works within Holmen to feel pride and satisfaction over his/her professional skills and capabilities, and know that your suggestions for improvements are always welcome. In our mind it’s our people that build our business. Attracting, recruiting and developing committed and skilled employees is crucial for Holmen to continue to operate successfully. See our current vacancies here.

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Iggesund and Holmen as an employer

If you ask our employees what Holmen is like as an employer, you’ll hear expressions such as: down to earth, safe, gives us a mandate to do our job and great colleagues. We feel that this chimes well  with our ambitions. Read more about what our employees think about their work here. 

Developing with us

Holmen devotes substantial resources to developing the skills of its employees. The core focus is on improving professional expertise and making everyone even better at their job. All our business areas provide several training programmes each year to raise the skill levels of employees. Skills development is also important since we work with technically advanced equipment that is developing all the time.

Another reason that we invest so much in improving the skills of our employees is that we want them to develop and make a career in Holmen. For those who are interested, there are great opportunities to try different jobs both within their own unit and by moving to another one. We call this internal movement.

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Leader development

Leaders who are able to commit themselves and motivate their employees generate power and potential in their teams and inspire them to perform better. Strong leadership is therefore a very important factor for success in terms of financial results. Holmen’s objective for leadership is to inspire courage, commitment and responsibility on the part of the company’s employees. The company's aspirations for leadership are described in Holmen's leadership philosophy, entitled 'Manager at Holmen'.

To develop our leaders is crucial for a strong employer brand and thus leadership development is highly prioritized.

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Professional roles

We work constantly to develop our products and always in the direction our customers want. In this work, we need creative people, who are passionate and committed to build our business. Within Iggesund Paperboard we can offer a wide range of professions, see for yourself.

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Global opportunities

As an international company we offer the opportunity to make a global career within Iggesund Paperboard. Meet new people, get to know new work environment and understanding the role of being a part of our international company. How does Asia, USA or Europe sounds to you?

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Core values

We believe that all employees have a contribution to make and want to take responsibility, as long as they are given the right conditions to do so in their work. Iggesund Paperboard is distinguished by employees who, with courage, commitment and responsibility, perform at their best.

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Social responsibility

Our personnel policy is aimed at developing employeeship, leadership and organisation. Activities in this area are based on laws, collective agreements and Group-wide policies and guidelines.


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