Professional roles

Within Iggesund Paperboard we offer a wide range of professions. Our staff requirements include engineers, operators, specialists in finance, accounting, marketing and logistics, as well as computer scientists and behavioural scientists. Customer needs are changing, and we are constantly working to develop our products. In our work we need creative people who are passionate about technology and dare to think in fresh ways.

See if you find a job opening that appeals to you and apply today!

Examples of professional roles

Controller Production Engineer Process Engineer Production Manager  Technical Service Manager Mechanical Craftsman Strategic Purchaser System Analyst Logistics Specialist Group Manager Account Manager Visit Coordinatior Visit Guide Shipping Agent Project Manager

Automation Engineer Development Specialist Welder HR-specialist Economist Product Quality Technician Communicator Production and Logistics Planner Business Analyst Project Engineer Documentation Engineer Laboratory Assistant Laboratory Engineer Development Engineer Chauffeur

Electrician Mechanic  Strategic Purchaser Environmental Engineer Stevedore Trolley Driver Process Operator Hotel and Diner staff IT Coordinator Sales Manager Inspection Engineer IT Technician Technical Engineer Transport Coordinator Production Coordinator



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