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Commitment is one of the Holmen core values and the Holmen Group is a great believer in healthy pursuits as one way to take responsibility for our employees wellbeing. The impetus comes from employees passionate about exercise and fitness, matched by the Holmen commitment to provide facilities for employees. Here you can read about some of the health related activities we do in Workington, Amsterdam and Iggesund.

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Activities in Workington

Employees can exercise in local gym and take part in the various athletic pursuits, including swimming pool admission at a reduced corporate rate. In February 2018 the mill received the Better Health at Work Bronze award.

Work started on the Better Health at Work award back in March 2017 with the recruitment of Health Advocates and the Health needs assessment. Since then the team have worked tirelessly to focus on the areas highlighted by employees. These included:

  • Healthier choices in the canteen
  • Mental Health Awareness week
  • Health & Wellbeing day, Breast Cancer awareness day and Men's Health campaign

Workington mill also sponsor participation in various exercise activities and events, where all or part of the money raised goes to charity, e.g. cancer research. As a reminder of how important health is, employees get a newsletter that addresses various aspects of fitness and wellbeing. It also contains information on the different activities in progress that the mill sponsors and supports.

Ergonomic focus in Amsterdam

Most of the office work in Amsterdam takes place in an office setting. People who need it are offered shoulder and neck massages from a physiotherapist, who comes to the office regularly and also gives exercise advice too. Every other month an ergonomist comes in to make sure the employees are sitting correctly at their desks. The employees are offered free sessions at a gym close to the office and a health review every two years.

Health motivators at Iggesund

The Health Motivators group was formed at Iggesund in 2006 with the aim of encouraging, driving, promoting and providing information about health and wellbeing. Since then the group has planned and carried out countless activities. Today they number 16 people from Iggesund Mill, Iggesund Sawmill and Holmen Skog, all sharing the job of being health motivators.

“Anchor” activities include a cross-country skiing relay, hiking, cycling, running and swimming. Anchor activities take their name from the anchor shaped logo of the former Iggesunds Bruk AB. 

All employees in Iggesund also have access to a 24 hour open gym and free entrance to the municipal baths.



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