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In the middle of Sweden, along the Hälsingland coast you will find a beautiful municipality called Hudiksvall. For over a hundred years, people have said Glada (happy) Hudik when they talk about Hudiksvall and people who live here. There is so much to enjoy in rural Sweden! Here you will meet people who cherish outdoor living and sports, and the beauty of their surroundings.

Iggesund is a typical industrial site located 9 km south of Hudiksvall. With an emphasis on state-of-the-art manufacturing and environmental excellence, the Iggesund mill has two production facilities, its own harbour and the headquarters for Iggesund Paperboard.

Hudiksvall and Iggesund have a magnificent and varied nature. Enjoy land and sea, city and countryside, tradition and innovation, history and future. The archipelago with over a hundred islands, long beaches and beautiful fishing must be experienced.

Travel time by train is only 2.5 hours from Hudiksvall to Stockholm. Sundsvall and Gävle are approximately one hour away.

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United Kingdom

Do you want to live in a "Midsomer Murders environment"?

In the northwest corner of the UK, bordering on Scotland in the Lake District, is our mill in Workington. Here, you can visit a pub, enjoying the local hospitality and be surprised by the unique character of the people. This is one of UK's major hiking and biking areas, known for the beauty of lakes, mountains and coast. Cumbria offers countless ways to experience nature and develop your own capabilities.



All sales of Iggesund Paperboard’s products in Europe are coordinated at our sales and service office in Amsterdam, where 70 employees of 20 different nationalities work.

In Amsterdam you can find canals, hundreds of bridges, beautiful houses, cafes, restaurants, museums and people who know how to enjoy life. The combination of the historical 1600-century atmosphere and mentality of a modern metropolis, create a pleasant feeling and a relaxed environment.

The proximity to all of Europe and the culture, which is very similar to the Swedish, makes it easy to like Amsterdam.


The world

In addition to our European sales and service office in Amsterdam, we have sales offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and USA. Several employees do also work from their home offices.



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