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Could it be any safer?

At least once a week we receive enquiries about Invercote and Incada’s safety for use in various applications. Upon request we issue product safety certificates so that you and your customers have documentary proof that paperboard from Iggesund meets the very highest standards. To take food as an example, all ingredients in Invercote and Incada are approved by both the German food contact recommendations (BfR) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Product safety certificates

An essential purpose of packaging is to ensure the hygiene and quality of the packed product. Both Invercote and Incada are made of virgin fibre. They meet the highest possible hygiene standard because the pure virgin fibre is not at risk of being contaminated by mineral oils, heavy metals and photoinitiators from contaminants from prior usage. Another key aspect is our chain of quality - having control of the making of paperboard from seedling to pulp and finally the paperboard that is being delivered to the printer or converter. It is crucial to supply paperboard products which meet the strict standards for hygiene, barrier functions and taint and odour neutrality. If you have questions about our certificates you can reach us via

All materials used in the making of our board are approved for food contact in accordance with current regulations in different countries but to ensure that we are providing the correct product and product safety documentation, we must know the intended final application.


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Preserve and protect

Preserving the quality and freshness of edible products and protecting them from heat, light and oxygen puts heavy demands on packaging. Packaging should also preserve the taste and odour of foods so that consumers get what they are expecting every time. Achieving all of this is a complicated task that requires a combination of chemical and human sensory analyses.


Incada has been chosen as the packaging ­material for a brand new product line from ­Iceland, the UK’s leading supermarket chain for frozen foods.

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Pure chocolate packaging

“When we choose the paperboard for chocolate packaging, the decisive factor is taste and odour neutrality."

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Standing out from the crowd

When Calmino Group AB chose the packaging for PROIBS® it wanted something that would make the product stand out on the shelf.

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