Our mill in Strömsbruk is Iggesund Paperboard's facility for the additional finishing of paperboard products from both Iggesund and Workington. The paperboard is extrusion coated with different kinds of plastic, laminated with films and foils or glue laminated to heavy substances. All in all to gain properties that attracts converters in food, confectionary, cosmetics etc. segments.

Typical application areas are packaging of food-stuff that require a functional barrier to moisture, grease and gases. Ströms Mill has three production lines with the combined capacity to coat just over 40,000 tons of paperboard per year.

Web passing through one of our extrusion coating lines, the measuring head controlling the plastic profile is visible between the two metal cylinders.

Strömsbruk Mill

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Iggesund Paperboard
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Sweden / Sverige
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Elegant beverage cups

How elegant can a beverage cup made of a paper material be? Paper cups can range from being simple, white and anonymous to being heat-resistant and brand carriers. Everything depends on what construction, material and level of converting you want to use.

We wanted to test the limits of what is possible and decided to create a large cup with a double-walled construction that is fairly common on the market.


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