People trusted to perform

The potential of our forest and industrial assets to create value for our customers and other stakeholders, is directly related to the high performance of our people. Using our core values to drive leadership in the company, we want all employees to have:

  • Courage to act
  • Commitment based on sensitivity and skills
  • Responsibility that is long term and sustainable


Public Relations Manager

Staffan Sjöberg
Iggesund Paperboard
Phone: +46 650 282 56
Mobile: +46 70 306 48 00

Core values

We believe that all employees have a contribution to make and want to take responsibility, as long as they are given the right conditions to do so in their work. Iggesund Paperboard is distinguished by employees who, with courage, commitment and responsibility, perform at their best.

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Global opportunities

As an international company we offer the opportunity to make a global career within Iggesund Paperboard. Meet new people, get to know new work environment and understanding the role of being a part of our international company. How does Asia, USA or Europe sounds to you?

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Iggesund Paperboard
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