Founded in 1685, Iggesund has been striving for quality and innovation from day one. In 1963 we began manufacturing paperboard for packaging under the brand name Invercote. It was a strategic choice to either play it safe and manufacture tissue paper, or start up paperboard for packaging at a time when there was no regional market for it and little local know-how about the technology used.

More than 50 years of paperboard know-how

When realising paperboard possibilities, paperboard know-how is just as important as outstanding product quality. Every Iggesund Paperboard delivery is accompanied by more than 50 years of specialist knowledge in specifying, printing, converting and using paperboard.

Second-to-none sustainability platform

Boldness and innovation are at the core of the company culture. Iggesund is a company steeped in sustainability and, as part of the forest industry group Holmen, we own more than 1.3 million hectares of forest in Sweden. We care for every tree during its century long journey from seedling to paperboard. This allows us to offer products made of pure virgin fiber. Invercote and Incada are manufactured in two state-of-the-art mills: Iggesunds Mill in Sweden and Workington Mill in United Kingdom.

The crowned anchor

The crowned anchor has been the Iggesund trademark for centuries. As a symbol of security and safety, it represents the company’s longstanding ties to the Swedish heartland. It is also a promise of security to all the customers around the world who have chosen Invercote to help them reach their own customers in an appropriate, effective and tasteful way. Invercote is designed to work in customers’ production processes day in and day out, whether those processes are simple or complex. Every time a new pallet or reel enters the production process the customer should feel safe - knowing it will perform as expected and trust it will create a visually attractive end result enabling the packaging or print to stand out from the rest. Beyond expectations. 



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