Facts and figures

Holmen in figures (2016)

Net sales: 15 513 MSEK

Operating profit: 1 930 MSEK

Land ownership: 1.3 million hectares

1 million hectares productive forest

190 000 hectares natural reserves

Average FTEs: 2 989

Financial information

Iggesund Paperboard is a member of the Holmen Group and contributes strongly to the Group's financial strength. A strong financial position creates the necessary basis for sustainable development. A profitable business does not just produce a return for owners and financiers. It also creates jobs and makes it possible to buy input goods.

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The IR web at Holmen.com

Reports and presentations

The share

Holmen’s business areas

Holmen's business concept is to develop and run profitable business within three product-oriented business areas for printing paper, paperboard and sawn timber as well as two raw material-oriented business areas for forest and energy. Europe is the key market.


Iggesund Paperboard
825 80 Iggesund

+46 650 - 280 00

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