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Our heritage

Founded in 1685, Iggesund has been striving for quality and innovation from day one. In 1963 we began manufacturing paperboard for packaging under the brand name Invercote. It was a strategic choice to either play it safe and manufacture tissue paper, or start up paperboard for packaging at a time when there was no regional market for it and little local know-how about the technology used. Boldness and innovation are at the core of the company culture. 

Iggesund is a company steeped in sustainability and, as part of the forest industry group Holmen, we own more than 1.3 million hectares of forest in Sweden. We care for every tree during its century long journey from seedling to paperboard. This allows us to offer products made of pure virgin fiber. Invercote and Incada are manufactured in two state-of-the-art mills: Iggesund Mill in Sweden and Workington Mill in United Kingdom.

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We have organised our resources of people, technology and systems to suit our customers’ priorities and offer our customers complete commercial and technical customer support all over the world.

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Our business idea

In 1685 the Swedish queen Hedvig Ellinora granted Iggesund the right to start up operations. Today we hope you see how we carry the sustainable torch further by producing world leading products based on the very same pillars as in the start, through a truly sustainable business idea!

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We inspire next generation packaging by creating world class paperboard. To be successful we need creative people who are passionate about technology and dare to think in fresh ways.

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