Braviken Paper Mill is located outside Norrköping, 160 km south of Stockholm. The mill produces paper for magazines, books and direct mail on two paper machines. The production at Braviken is 100% based on fresh wood fibres from pulp wood and wood chips from the adjacent Holmen Timber sawmill.

Great neighbours

The co-location of the paper mill and the sawmill enables great synergies that benefit both the production and the environment. The sawmill supplies the paper mill with wood chips for pulp production, and in return they get hot water to make steam for the drying kilns. Residual bark, sawdust and dry wood shavings is used for energy production at the paper mill or for district heating at the nearby heating plant. 

Location and transports

The mill was constructed in 1977 and replaced the old Holmen paper mill that was located in the central parts of Norrköping. The mill's own deepwater harbour in Bråviken, a bay of the Baltic Sea, makes long distance transports cost-efficient and easily accessible.

For destinations that are more suited for land transports, the mill is located just minutes away from the E4, one of the major transport lines through Sweden. Braviken also has its own railway track that connects to the Swedish mainline.  This facilitates both incoming transports of pulpwood and deliveries of finished paper products to European markets.