We produce paper. It’s an industrial process, that goes without saying. But unlike most people think, it’s no longer just another traditional, conservative and slow-moving industry. On the contrary, thanks to a wonderful and sustainable raw material, the fresh fibre, we have had the possibility to evolve and make paper making an industry for the future.

Making paper is a complex process which demands an abundance of competences. We have committed people handling the incoming wood as well as skilled operators in the pulp plants and on our four paper machines. Our meticulous laboratory technicians test the pulp and the finished paper as well as the water coming in and leaving the plant. Throughout the paper process, our many engineers along with dedicated maintenance teams make sure that every little detail works in an optimal way. And at the end of the day, we also need responsible planners of production and logistics, development teams, sales people and marketers. Just to mention a few.

Having all the talented people in the organization, we also need to give them the best possible conditions. Being a major actor in the business, we place great emphasis of employee development. And with a company culture that promotes new ideas and offer possibilities to grow, we want to show all the benefits of the paper industry and Holmen Paper. Working for a sustainable future.


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