“Sustainability is not just doing what you always did,” says Chief Richard Carmichael. “Just a few years ago we began a new tradition, planting 102 of our 800 hectares with willow. As the 32nd generation, we wanted something new and renewable for our estate.”

“Our recent successful willow harvest by the Iggesund team proves we have a new cash crop”.

The breeding of SRC willow planted on the Carmichael estate has been developed to produce high yielding, varieties with a growth habit that facilitates mechanical harvesting. Willow is a unique odd crop that only needs to be planted once, it then grows abundantly from just putting cuttings in the ground. It is then harvested every three years, re-growing between each harvest.

“Our hilly, wet, less attractive land now has a profitable purpose. Growing SRC willow also compliments our deer farming, cottage rentals, a country store and the annual Clan Carmichael event, which attracts extended family from around the world. SRC willow is here to stay, because a new revenue source is always welcome,”says Richard Carmichael.