On March 31, 2021, Iggesund officially changed its brand name to Holmen Iggesund. Being connected to the Holmen forestry group is nothing new – the two companies merged in 1988 – so it was high time to set the record straight and clearly identify the family behind the premium paperboard company.

“Our customers know quite a bit about Iggesund but many are not aware that it is a part of the Holmen Group, which is an extremely strong and stable company that is good to do business with,” says Holmen Iggesund’s CEO, Johan Nellbeck. “Our roots are firmly planted in the forest, connected to an almost entirely circular system that enables us to truly live up to our reputation as a sustainable player, not only with the materials we have at our hands, but with our forestry practices, processes and operations. Customers can make their offer more sustainable with us – and that applies both environmentally and economically.”

As the market leader, Nellbeck sees Holmen Iggesund playing an active role not only in helping customers meet their sustainability goals through renewable and recyclable premium paperboard solutions, but also in identifying what’s next. Above all, Holmen Iggesund’s focus will be on customers’ needs, interests and challenges.

“We want to set a new standard for the industry. Not only talk sustainability but use our collective knowledge to help our customers create packaging solutions that are truly purposeful. We see the world changing at an accelerating speed and we want to take on the challenges and opportunities ahead by learning together with our customers and partners.”

This, Nellbeck adds, could include working on design, functionality and prototypes together, co-learning through various studies, and building networks that bring together the various players within the packaging value chain.

“We have traditionally been recognised largely as a material supplier, but we want to encourage more discussion, explore together and become more valuable to our customers and really earn their loyalty,” says Nellbeck.


About Johan Nellbeck

Johan Nellbeck became the CEO of Holmen Iggesund in August 2019, but he’s no newcomer to the industry or the company, having worked in the forestry and paper industry for 22 years. “It’s my home turf,” says Nellbeck, who grew up in Hudiksvall, near the Iggesund mill. “My father was responsible for the sales of pulp at the Iggesund mill and my uncle managed the forest. I have an emotional connection to Holmen Iggesund and I believe it’s important for us to contribute to the local communities where we operate. I also want our employees to have a safe workplace where they enjoy coming to work and are proud to be a part of a winning team and a strong brand.”