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CSR and sponsoring

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For more than 300 years we have been a driving force in our region. The people living here have been dependent on us, and we have been dependent on them. We may have come a long way from the old ‘industrial town’ where the mill was the heart of everything, but we still have an important role to play in maintaining a healthy, vibrant community, and we gladly take on this responsibility. 

Community commitment 
Community commitment is a subject that may seem overwhelming and difficult to grasp. Our efforts in this area are based on the idea that, as a major player in society, we also bear some of the responsibility for its development. 

Therefore, we participate in projects that focus on integration, diversity, youth support and accessibility, such as Glada Hudik Theatre (where most of the actors have an intellectual disability), which spreads the message that unique is good and all people have the same value. Aktivitetsfritids, an integration-focused initiative to give schoolchildren a meaningful and active time after the school day, is another example. 

We also try to contribute to gender equality in finding a balanced distribution in our sponsorship, so that girls and boys enjoy equal contributions.

Local brand exposure
When it comes to local brand exposure, we want to strengthen Iggesund Paperboard as an employer, by showing that we are an attractive, well-established and responsible company.

We support specific sports teams and athletes and selected cultural activities, focusing on children and adolescents. 

Some of our goals are to promote an active clubs and societies scene in the region, to contribute to the community, and to make the region an attractive place to live and work. 

Examples of our involvement include Hudik Hockey team, Hudik Gymnastics team, the Hudikkalaset summer festival, and our long-standing commitment to a project called IGE Day (Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day), which introduces young women to engineering professions. 

Industry-promoting activities 
By industry-promoting activities we mean projects that are positive to the development of innovation or sustainability in the paperboard industry, such as collaborations with creative designers or different companies connected to our business. 

Altogether, we hope that our CSR initiatives and selected partnerships will convey an image of Iggesund Paperboard as a responsible company and brand, with sustainable, long-term commitment. 

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