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It pays to use nature’s best paperboard

Made from pure virgin fiber sourced from sustainably managed Swedish forests, Invercote has long been recognized as the world’s best performing paperboard. It is preferred by some of the most demanding brand owners for its durability, design versatility and taint and odour neutrality.


What may be less well known, though, is what we like to call Invercote’s price performance ratio. Least expensive does not mean lowest total cost of ownership. Invercote delivers better production efficiencies, better package design functionality as well as better print reproduction; all of which lower overall production costs and drive sales. Use Invercote to enhance your brand – it is surprisingly good for business.


Invercote facts

The Invercote family consists of a number of products suitable for various end use applications; all manufactured at the integrated Iggesund mill in Sweden. It is a multilayered Solid Bleach Board (SBB), made from pure virgin fibre, chemical pulp produced by the sulphate pulping method. Using pure virgin fibre and a sulphate pulping method ensure Invercote is a hygienic and odour and taint neutral product that is approved for food contact according to current regulations.

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